AUC & Beyond

AUC at Berlin meeting 2015

The GA Assembly 32nd in Berlin

The meeting’s theme Frontiers in a unified biology.

This meeting raised concerns that challenge modern biology and conservation in which issues were deliberated such as; 

  • The 21st Century is the Century of Biology: from Darwin to the DNA helix and beyond
  • Does Conservation Work?
  • IPBES: Biodiversity Science for Decision Making
  • Enlivening Biological Sciences for Sustainable Development
  • Biological Consequences of Global Change: current challenges
  • Building an Informatics Agenda that will deliver a Unified Biology
  • Unified Biology Education for sustainable and equitable world
  • Integrative Climate Change Biology – Biodiversity, functional traits, and lessons from the past
  • BioNomenclature: Making nomenclatural codes, concepts and tools fit for modern research
  • Biology and the Societal Interfaces
  • From Urban Biology to sustainable BiodiverCities

AUC’s observations

African representation in IUBS events is still very low which causes us to be invisible in global fora

Africa’s life science is inadequately publicized

Most researchers have been demoralized due to bureaucratic processes in which the needed scientific data to uplift the life science information for publicity.

AUC – IUBS ongoing programmes of interest

The IUBS/ISZS's program Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC) promised to be involved in the “Climatic changing dynamics in ecosystems of Rwenzori Mts and Mt. Elgon”. Thus this will be followed up in order for the project to be linked with UNESCO, WHO, UNEP, CBP, FAO

IUBS Executive Committee of Triennium 2016 - 2019

President: Hiroyuki Takeda (Japan)

Developmental genetics

Department of Biological Sciences

Graduate School of Science

University of Tokyo

Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku,

Tokyo 113-0033 Japan

Vice President: Regine Jahn (Germany)

Botany/ Phycology

Botanisher Garten und Botanisches

Museum Berlin-Dahlem

Freie Universität Berlin


Secretary General: L.S. Shashidhara (India)

Genetics/ Developmental Biology

Indian Institute of Science Education and Reseach

Pashan Road PUNE 411008 India


Treasurer: Santiago Merino (Spain)

Evolutionary Ecology

Museo Nacional de Ciencas

Naturales José Gutiérrez

Abascal 2 28006

Madrid Spain

Executive Committee Member: Peter G. Kevan

(ICPBR) Biology/Ecology/Entomology/Botanys

The School of Environmental Sciences

University of Guelph Guelph,

ON N3C 2B7, Canada

Tel: 1-519-824-4120

ext 52479


Executive Committee Member: Alexey Kotov (Russia)


A.N. Seversov Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Russian Academy of Sciences,

Leninsky Prt. 33, Moscow 119071,



Executive Committee Member: Lily Rodriguez (WCH)

Biodiversity/ Conservation biology/ Herpetology

ILR - Institut für Lebensmittel und Ressourcenökonomik

University of Bonn Nussallee,

21, 53115 Bonn


*Executive Committee Member: Yongbiao Xue (China Beijing)

Developmental Biology

Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology,

Chinese Academy of Sciences,

No.1 West Beichen Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing,

100101 China